Other Construction Equipment


Besides components for Concrete Batching Plants, we also have a list of equipment and machineries to support the bigger construction industry. Most of these items are specially designed and built to suite the functions and operations requirement as required by our customers. Such items includes but not limited to the following items:


Grout Mixing Plant (download catalog)


The Grout Mixing Plant is design specifically to support Jet Grouting and Tunneling projects. Water, Cement and Bentonite are weighed using Digital Load Cells. Multiple design mix recipes can be stored in the system. During mixing, water is first injected into the Mixer. Cement and/or Bentonite are then discharged into the Grout Mixer via a Screw Conveyor or Rotary Valve. Circulation mixing is done using a heavy duty Slurry Pump driven by a Motor at 1460rpm. After mixing, the grout is discharged into an Agitator Tank using the same Slurry Pump. The next batch of mix can be started manually or automatically.




  • Portable and simple to set up.

  • Individual settings for Cement, Bentonite, Water, Batch

  • Quantity, Mixing Time and Batch Interval.

  • Manual, Semi-Auto and Full-Auto functions.

  • Simple and easy to operate.

  • Simple maintenance and easy cleaning.

  • Factory calibrated and ready to use.

  • Integrated control for Water Supply, Mixer, Agitator Tank

  • Cement and Bentonite Discharge.

  • Individual components are easy to remove and install.

  • Removable Control Panel for wired remote control.






Concrete Cube Mould Vibrating Table (download catalog)

Vibration tables are commonly used for the preparation of Concrete Cubes for compression test experiments. The vibration table transmit vibration forces to the Concrete Cube Mold filled with fresh concrete. Air bubbles trapped within the fresh concrete are then displaced throughout the vibration process. Best compaction of concrete is achieved when no more air bubbles appear at the surface of the mould.



  • Light and Portable.

  • Simple setup and easy to use.

  • Robust and and ergonomic design.

  • High service factor and durability.

  • Rubber mountings to prevent floor damages caused by vibrations.

  • Foot pedal switch for easy operations.

  • Options to convert to Single-phase power.



  • Dimension: est. 800W x 800L x930H

  • Power: 270W

  • Voltage: 415V @ 50Hz

  • Rated Current: 0.5A

  • Vibrations: est. 3000rpm

  • Centrifugal Force: est. 3KN



Waste Water Storage Tank


Item Description:

These 100m3 Waste Water Storage Tanks are to be installed around worker's quarters for storage of human waste before being discharged away.


Estimate Dimension:

3979(W) X 3979(B) X 10244(H)


Estimate Volume:



















Cube Curing Tank


Item Description:

These Cube Curing Tank are mend for storing of Concrete Cubes in water before testing. These tanks can be stacked, locked and are installed with drain-valves to drain out water when not in use.


Estimate Dimension:

1219(W) X 1219(B) X 762(H)













 Agitator Tank


Item Description:

After Mixing Cement / Bentonite with water they are transferred to an Agitator Tank for further mixing and to prevent hardening while waiting to be pumped out for use via a Grouting Pump. These large size Agitator Tank serves well as temporary storage of Bentonite / Cement and Water mixtures.


Estimate Dimension:

2458(W) X 2458(B) X 2315(H)


Estimate Volume:


















Agitator Tank


Item Description:

Similar to the 7.5m3 Agitator Tank just smaller in capacity.


Estimate Dimension:

1293 X 2298(H)


Estimate Volume:
















Water Storage Tanks


Item Description:

These Water Storage Tanks are originally designed to support Concrete Batching Plant operations. Equipped with Access Ladder and Man-hole.


Estimate Dimension:

2910 X 4572(H)


Estimate Volume:

30,000Ltrs / 30.4m3




















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