Latest Update: Our Other Projects


Trailer Frame

Trailer Frame Fabrication

Fabrication works for Trailer Frame


Concrete Casting Mould


Fabrication of Concrete Casting Mould for PUB Tunneling Project


Grout Mixing Plant


The Grout Mixing Plant is design specifically to support Jet Grouting and Tunneling projects. Find our more...


Concrete Cube Mould Vibrating Table


Vibration tables are commonly used for the preparation of Concrete Cubes for compression test experiments. Find our more...




Concrete Batching Plant (Dry-mix)



Dry-mix Concrete Batching Plant are small and compact. With capacity ranging from 30m3/hr to 80m3/hr they are most suitable for small scale construction projects. These plants are normally installed on the project site thus they are designed to be less space demanding and are easy to setup.




Concrete Batching Plant (Wet-mix)



Wet-mix Concrete Batching Plant are installed with Concrete Mixers. With capacity ranging from 80m3/hr to 240m3/hr  they are most suitable for concrete suppliers or concrete manufacturers. These plants are designed to accommodate different models of concrete mixers and they can be integrated with a wide range of computerized batching system.




Other Equipment



Besides components for Concrete Batching Plants, we also have a list of equipment and machineries to support the bigger construction industry. Most of these items are specially designed and built to suite the functions and operations requirement as required by our customers. Such items includes but not limited to the following items:

■ Grout Mixing Plant ■ Cement Bentonite Mixer  ■ Water Storage Tank  ■ Recycle Water Tank  ■ Agitator Tank  ■ Concrete Cube Vibrating Table  ■ Cube Curing Tank  ■ Cement Silo  ■ Cement Weighing Hopper  ■ Screw Conveyor  ■ Engine Blower System  ■ Bag Cement Blower System  ■ Ground Cement Filter Compartment  ■ Computerized Batching System  ■ Aggregate Weighing Hopper  ■ Vibrator  ■ Concrete Standby Hopper  ■ Water Chilling Tank  ■ Operator Control Room  ■ Slump Check Platform ■ Vibration Table etc.




Resale Equipment



To cater for the low budget market, from time to time we have a list of pre-owned equipment for sale. These equipment are bought in at operational condition. With some servicing they will look as new and are ready to be put into use. The list of items includes:

■ Cement Silo  ■ Water Chilling Tank  ■ Concrete Mixer  ■ Screw Conveyor  ■ Motor-assist Cement Ground Filter Compartment  ■ Cement Weighing Hopper  ■ Operator Control Room etc.



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